Black dress

stairs stairs1

Hade en stor påse med en massa kläder här borta och i den hittade jag denna klänningen som jag köpte förra månaden när jag var här. Så himla skön och bra på kvällarna! Love it!!


172 thoughts on “Black dress

  1. Thanks, everyone! Oh, I know if my mom knew how much her words stung, she would really be hurt too. I know she doesn’t mean to hurt me, she just comes from a different mindset and if anything, worries that I stretch myself too thin. If anything, Mr. Marbles is more than supportive and it’s really all that matters.I had a great time at my event this weekend and felt much more rejuvenated at home afterward. “Me” time is definitely a must for moms.


  2. I was abused in the name of God for years as a child. I’d wish that therapists had some basic ACADEMIC knowledge of theology. It would have helped me if my therapist knew that a much more liberal sort of Christian theology existed than the conservative Christian religion I grew up with. Then I wouldn’t have to give up my religious faith when distancing myself from the God of my past.



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